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The waifiest news from across the world,
collected here for your convenience.
The Atlantic

Crows Are Taking Over American Cities

Crows Are the New Pigeons. They’re flocking to cities for the same reasons people do.

ABC Wisconsin

Spud-tacular train wreck: Potatoes mashed, baked after train derailment in ‘95

Freight train derailment leads to potatoes literally being cooked by fire from train collision

NY Times

Windmill Made Famous in ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ Is for Sale in England

The property, which was the home of Dick Van Dyke’s character in the 1968 film, is listed for 9 million pounds, or $11.4 million.

NY Times

Classic Potato Salad

Recipe for a classic potato salad

NY Times

The ‘Quiet Disease’ Lingering in Our Mouths

Nearly half of U.S. adults over 30 show signs of gum disease, which can cause tooth loss. Here’s how to recognize and treat it.

NY Times

My Neighbor Died. Now Her Empty House Is Breeding Rats. What Can I Do?

The situation potentially involves several city agencies, but you can start by filling out a complaint through 311.

Times of India

Uncover RICE Amidst the Sea of RISE: Can You Master This Challenge in Under 20 Seconds?

The brain teaser challenges the reader to find the word "RICE" amongst an ocean of words predominantly featuring "RISE"

Tiny ice mouse survived months of total darkness and sub-zero temperatures

Mouse in Alaska survived some of Earth's coldest times during the Cretaceous Period

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