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issue 28

REVIEW I Was Waifed by River Ramirez


EDITORIAL Popsicles - Photos and Concept by Saqera Kokayi


EDITORIAL The Steamed Waif - Photos by Deonté Lee

Modeled by Johnna Dias Watson


FICTION To Have Hunger by Emma Deutsch


EDITORIAL Reading Food - Photos by Bao Ngo


ARTICLE Dallas BBQ by Joan Flaherty


FEATURE Pyont - Arm to Table - Photos by Andina Osorio

SFX Makeup by Caroline Mills


EDITORIAL Shoeshkabob - Photos by Elsa Hammarén

Modeled by Arewà Basit


EDITORIAL 100 Years of Licking - Modeled by Mina Walker


POETRY Bros by Lauren Nicola


Additional Art by Paige Le, Lizzie Klein

is waif

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