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Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness (and desire for human flesh...)

Director: Julia Ducournau, 2016, Available on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Google Play

From Curator Stephanie Shaffir:

Another sadistic flick brought to us by a female filmmaker is Raw. A girl is attending her first year at veterinary college and, after a lifelong vegetarian diet, she eats meat for the first time during a school hazing ritual (isn’t peer pressure the worst?). Afterward, she begins to crave all kinds of meat, but her hunger seemingly can’t be satisfied -- until she has herself some human! While this film has ample gross moments -- more than enough to make you cringe --it is not very gory. This is a great place to start if you or your viewing partner does not have a strong stomach, has not seen many horror films, or has no tolerance for “jump scares.” However, it makes up for it with other gross cringe-worthy moments. I also find the story to be both plausible and comical.

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A contemporary follow-up to last week's cannibal classic. Let us know how Eli Roth's tribute measures up!

From Curator Stephanie Shaffir:

The Green Inferno is Eli Roth’s love letter not only to Cannibal Holocaust, but also to all cannibal movies from the “cannibal film boom” of the 1970s/80s. If you are in the mood for a double feature, I would strongly recommend watching this in tandem with Cannibal Holocaust. This time we follow a group of activists to what is presumably the same cannibal-riddled area of the rainforest where they are captured by, you guessed it, a cannibal tribe! I realize my summary may be making you think this look like a repeat of Cannibal Holocaust with the same recipe and ingredients  -- but if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! I promise this movie has its own original story that I personally would find interesting enough to watch even if it were not for Eli Roth’s signature knack for taking on-screen violence too far and then a whole lot further. 

Image Design by Intern Justine Engel

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Some say it's the most controversial film ever made, but what do you think Waifs? Discuss with us below!

From Curator Stephanie Shaffir:

Once a cult classic, this 80s cannibal flick has become widely appreciated in recent years. After being banned and censored across the globe, it has finally been released in its entirety, and it lives up to its reputation! Do not let its Rotten Tomatoes score scare you, the film itself will do enough damage. Not only does this flesh-eating flick hold its own among today’s gory films, but it also remains genuinely disturbing. This film is known for its graphic violence, which is paired with a “found footage feel” -- not for the faint of heart. For fans of the “found footage” subgenre, I strongly recommend it. Keep in mind this film was made 19 years before The Blair Witch Project! The film tells the story of Harold Monroe, an Anthropology professor at NYU, who gathers a film crew/ search party to go to the Amazon jungle to locate a separate documentary crew who have gone missing. It’s prime Amazon horror! 

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