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CAUGHT IN THE ACT! - BrÏgess of Ghostpunk Duo SILVER & SMOKE, Just Days Before SUBTLE PRIDE Concert

Leaked Song and Licked Lips - She Kisses More Than Her Mother with That Mouth!
Monday, August 6, 2018     7:34AM
Brigess of ghostpunk duo Silver and Smoke is not one to kiss and tell.

Her lips are used for more than making music -- APPARENTLY!


The singer was caught early yesterday morning leaving New York's Astor Place Theatre, home of the long-running off-Broadway cult classic BLUE MAN GROUP. Our team on the ground stopped Brigess to ask her: what was the deal with the blue paint around her mouth?

VIDEO: Brigess Out of the Blue


The band is having a rocky start to the week. Prior to these scandalous photos, the duo's new song, Play Me The Movie, was leaked on Reddit message boards, ahead of its scheduled release this Friday. The song has since been uploaded to the official Silver and Smoke Soundcloud account.

NEW MUSIC: Silver and Smoke - "Play Me The Movie"


IMAGE: Brigess tells security - "Mum's the word"


IMAGE: Brigess asks security for respect


IMAGE: Brigess walks away with her head held high

You can catch Brigess performing live in New York this week with Silver and Smoke on Thursday, August 9th at 8pm in Bushwick.

TICKETS: Silver and Smoke with Subtle Pride


Blue Man Group declined comment, as to be expected - the trio hasn't spoken since their show started in 1990.

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